Thursday, May 27, 2010

BP and its oil

It is perfectly horrifying to think that so many bad things are happening in one spot. What is the hierarchy? News
  1. Environment is being severely compromised

  2. Animal life is being destroyed

  3. People's livelihoods are being destroyed

  4. Natural resources are being wasted in ridiclous amounts

  5. Our dependence on oil is being smeared in our faces

  6. Rush Limbaugh is getting media attention over this

  7. The finger-pointing has just begun

Truly a mess. How can you arrest the flow of that much oil coming up through 5,000 feet of sea? Why doesn't it heal, like a clot? Does this ever happen naturally? Would it have been better to let it burn like a candle on the surface? Can they just set the whole thing on firs and let it die out? How much more is down there? Can they just put a rock over it? Why can't they re-drill right into the hole, and start afresh? When will it all end? Can they use Rush Limbaugh's body to plug the hole? How much of it is a media circus, and how much of it is real? How much is still worse than they're telling us?

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